Wednesday, September 29, 2004

First Blog

I know it is pretty terrible that class started about a month ago and I am just now writing my first blog. This class is so overwhelming for me. In orientation I thought that the class just seemed overwhelming because we were trying to get an overview of everything at once, but I soon found out that the class in general is overwhelming. As I have been attempting to do my assignments I have found that I am not as computer proficient as I thought I was. I really feel like this class is going to help me improve my skills that I need to be a teacher and use in the classroom. There are assignments that should take about 15 or 20 minutes that I have started at 8 pm and will still be working on them after midnight. I hope that as I go through the class and gain a little more knowledge I can complete my work much quicker. I have already had to go to the citelab for help and also make a couple of phone calls to Dr. Thompson's department for help. When the process is explained to me in person and I can watch what is going on it all seems so easy. I don't know why for me it is so complicated. I definitely have may skills to build on.


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